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Metamon Ecosystem

Note: Details are subject to change.

Welcome to Metamon

Metamon is a world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy where you venture into the stars to discover exciting new worlds and majestic life-forms with immeasurable power. You wield a Gauntlet-like device equipped with a rare Forma Crystal which enables you to capture, evolve and transform yourself into a Metamon. You travel across space and time to hunt for more power and resources, to become the very best Metamon warrior. With the power of your Forma Gauntlet, you join an epic battle for the supremacy of your Faction in the Galactic Federation. Your actions will determine the future of this universe.


The Metamon Universe is rich in Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories and lore, spanning across space and time to tell the story of a galactic civilization that continues to reshape the fabric of the universe; of humanity's hunger for power and dominion; of alien life-forms bound by humanity's will and the very balance of good and evil.
These stories are told through multiple formats including:
  • Manga: Metamon will release a Comic every Season (3-Months) telling the story of Metamon as it unfolds in the games and ecosystem.
  • Animations: Metamon will continue to release short stories in animation formats across 2D and 3D mediums.
  • Anime Series: Metamon aims to launch the first season of the Metamon Anime in 2023 with partnerships with a streaming platform.


Metamon is a blockchain-powered gaming franchise starting with an online PvP Battle Royale game coupled with novel Play-to-Earn mechanics and with the goal of expanding into more gaming experiences. Metamon Games are built in Unreal Engine.
Metamon Royale
Launching on Mainnet in late 2022, the Metamon Battle Royale game pits players against each other on an alien world. You land on this new world with only your Gauntlet and your 3 most reliable Metamon forms. Players must battle each other, collect valuable resources and win the game to earn. A novel format for Battle Royale, which opens up new game dynamics for players. Available on Windows at launch. To be released for Mac, Web and Mobile.
Learn more here:
Future Game Modes
  • Metamon Raids: Join your crew of 5 in this race against monsters, time and other teams to claim a limited-edition precious treasure on a newly discovered planet.
  • Metamon MMORPG: Travel across an online open world, capture new Metamon, find resources, discover new stories, build your home-base on your planet and more!

Digital Collectibles

Each character, monster, skin and item in the Metamon Universe is a digital collectible represented by NFTs. Every NFT has a specific rarity and in-game utility. NFTs also transcend individual games, meaning they can be used in future Metamon games as well. NFTs can be earned in-game by playing Metamon Battle Royale or can be earned through the upcoming Booster Pack NFT drops.
Learn more about Metamon Digital Collectibles here:

Seasons: The Metamon Expansion

The Metamon Universe will continue to grow and expand every 3 months with new storylines, planets, resources and Metamon monsters. The expansion will be consistent across games, story, content and more. The actions and governance of the community and factions will guide the future of the Metamon story as it evolves.

Metamon DAO: A Fully Decentralized Franchise

Metamon aims to be a fully community-owned and governed DAO with the goal of building a thriving autonomous Metamon Ecosystem.

$MON Token

The Metamon Game Tokens ($MON) are NEAR ERC-20 tokens implemented for governance, Play-to-Earn, payment and more. Learn more about the $MON token here:


Metamon will hold recurring E-Sports events and tournaments with exciting NFT and FT prizes. Metamon also aims to launch a persistent No-Loss Prize Pool tournament any player can join every week. More details available soon.

Metamon Crew Community

Metamon is a growing community of a collective 15K+ across social media channels. Learn more here:

Merch Swag

The Metamon Swag store is coming! Get ready to collect physical clothing, collectibles, and items. Win Swag items in-game and redeem them for a physical one. The Swag store will be launched in January 2022 with the first collection of limited physical items.
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